Real Quick: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before [NO SPOILERS]

The return of the mighty rom-com/rom-dram is upon us. I can feel it in my bones (or maybe my bones want me to feel it). Two of the boys:

  1. One of the boys she loved before starts out kinda ugly and, as you get to know him, becomes more handsome.
  2. Another one of the boys she loved before starts out pretty ugly and…remains pretty ugly.

It’s a standard “shy girl/popular jock” love story. Instead of the usual “jock doing a cool sports thing to emphasize how jocky and cool he is” scene, they instead filled that screen time with several smaller scenes to show the shy girl’s familial relationship, emphasizing how important that is. It works.

I dig that she’s Asian, but her Asianicity had nothing to do with the plot. She just happened to be Asian. There was no “jock fumbles some super-Asian tradition in front of super-Asian grandma” scene. To All the Movie Producers I’ve Loved Before: bring on more rom coms. ♦

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